Bridgetown Elders & Board of Directors

The church is a family. And like any family, it needs both fathers and mothers to give healthy, humble leadership. All through the New Testament, these kinds of church leaders are called “elders,” who function as the authority of a local church. (See Acts 20v17-35, 1 Timothy 3v1-7, Titus 1v5-9, 1 Peter 5v1-4, and Hebrews 13v7-17).

Our dream at Bridgetown Church is to recapture Jesus’ view of authority and create space for our family to grow and thrive. In pursuit of this, Bridgetown Church is overseen by two bodies: the Elders, and the Board of Directors. Each group has responsibility over different areas of the church, according to both scriptural guidance and wisdom from other churches.



The Elders of Bridgetown Church are the spiritual authority over the church as laid out in 1 Timothy 3v1-7, Titus 1v5-9, 1 Peter 5v1-4, and Acts 20v17-35. Their role is to guard and give shape to three major areas of the church:

Direction: they put words to what the Spirit is stirring in our community and articulate the vision for our future.

Doctrine: they teach the Bible, theology, spiritual formation, call out false teaching, etc.

Discipline: they oversee all matters of spiritual discipline within the church.

While the elders have spiritual authority over the church, including the board of directors, they do not have financial authority. That responsibility goes to…


Peter Quint
Peter and his wife Stephanie have been at Bridgetown since it began in 2010. He is a Pediatric Critical Care Physician at Randall Children’s Hospital, where he has served since 1982. Peter and Stephanie have two adult children. Peter desires to see “His kingdom come and His will be done in Portland as it is in heaven.” He wants to see this birthed through prayer, and desires to live a “Sermon on the Mount” lifestyle.

Morgan Davis 
Morgan and Karen have been at Bridgetown since 2016. He is a principal broker for his own company (Morgan Davis Homes) and part owner of Keller Williams. He and Karen have four adult children. His desire is to grow and mature into the kind of leader who can say with Paul, “Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.”

Gerald Griffin 
Gerald joined Bridgetown staff in 2010. Together with Jenni he has three amazing teenage kids. Gerald oversees staff care, Alpha, prayer and community at Bridgetown. He loves getting to know more about the love of God through the Holy Spirit and enjoying the journey with the incredible people at Bridgetown.

John Mark Comer 
John Mark has served as the pastor for teaching and vision at Bridgetown Church since it was planted in 2010. He and his wife Tammy have three incredible children. John Marks life’s ambition is to be with Jesus, become like him, and do what he did. He believes Bridgetown is built around the very simple idea of practicing the way of Jesus, together, in Portland.



Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors of Bridgetown Church are comprised of elders and non-elders, and are the governing body ultimately accountable for the business operations and liabilities of the 501(c)3 organization of Bridgetown Church. Accordingly, the Board of Directors together are responsible for:

Finance and Compensation: They oversee the Bridgetown annual budget, advise elders and staff on spending patterns, and approve/deny all major financial decisions including staff compensation and benefits and capital assets investments.

Human Resources, Legal and Compliance: They work with the elders on the recruiting, employment, annual evaluation, promotion, and (if necessary) the dismissal of Bridgetown employees, as well as risk management and legal compliance across all Bridgetown operations.

Architecture for the future: they provide the first line of feedback and accountability to the elders in processing the future vision of the church and guide the elders on how to best architect the future of Bridgetown Church on the organizational side to realize that vision.

Eric Brown (Board Chairman)
Eric and his wife Tara, have been at Bridgetown since 2014. Eric currently works at Compassion International in strategic partnerships, church planting and helping children in extreme poverty. He formerly served in full-time church ministry for 21 years. He and Tara have three grown sons and an awesome daughter in law. He is grateful Bridgetown has a very active Board of Directors to advise the business affairs of the church, and free up the Elders to shepherd the people of Bridgetown.

Chris Wienand
Chris and his wife Meryl and have been involved in the Bridgetown story for over a decade. Today, they lead an international church planting initiative called Genesis Collective. They have raised three amazing children. Chris sees it as an honor to be friend, spiritual father and co-laborer in this great Bridgetown adventure.

Stephen Mulder
Stephen joined Bridgetown staff in 2021 as Executive Director. Prior to Bridgetown, he served as the Associate National Director at Alpha Canada, and worked in Dubai in sustainability consulting. He grew up in South Africa and is married to Amy, who along with their daughter, are relocating from Vancouver BC to Portland. He is passionate about the local church and organizational leadership. He believes that God wants to use the Bridgetown story to play a part in equipping, strengthening, and transforming the Church around the world.

John Mark Comer
John Mark has served as the pastor for teaching and vision at Bridgetown Church since it was planted in 2010. He and his wife Tammy have three incredible children. John Marks life’s ambition is to be with Jesus, become like him, and do what he did. He believes Bridgetown is built around the very simple idea of practicing the way of Jesus, together, in Portland.

Matt Norman
Matt has been attending Bridgetown since it was planted, and previously served as a volunteer on our setup and teardown team as well as in an elder position. He works with Fortis Construction on local and international projects. He and his wife Anna have four children together, and he’s grateful to be able to serve the Bridgetown family on the board by using the gifts God has given him.

Meryl Wienand
Meryl and her husband Chris have been part of the Bridgetown story since before the church was officially planted, Born in Zambia in central Africa, Meryl has a background in Psychology and Education, and has spent most of her adult life partnering with her husband Chris to plant churches and raise their three children. At the age of 52, Meryl went back to school and became a Marriage and Family Therapist. Meryl is honored to be included in shaping the architecture of this strategic story.

Pam McConnell
Pam has been attending Bridgetown since it planted in 2010. After nearly 40 years as a marketing executive and VP at Nike, Pam recently retired and enjoys time with her two children and four grandchildren, as well as mentoring young people, executives, and serving the church. Pam considers serving on the Board at Bridgetown to be both an honor and a privilege, and it’s a responsibility she takes very seriously. Her daily prayer is to bring as much wisdom, helpful knowledge and compassion as possible to this body of people and work.

Sarah Tatone
Sarah and her husband Luke, with their five year old daughter Abigail, have been part of Bridgetown since 2016. She currently works at Vacasa leading global communications. As a family they love being active in the outdoors of the Northwest. She believes Bridgetown is making a tremendous impact in our city, from homelessness to the foster system, and is honored to be on the board to help with the overall management of the organization.

Sunny Grover
Sunny and his wife Jessica have been part of the Bridgetown family since 2010. With a background as an electronics engineer, Sunny went to business school and subsequently began working for Nike. Sunny believes that God has intended Bridgetown to be a fresh manifestation of what spirit-filled communities of Jesus followers can do in a space when they are committed to consistent, steadfast, non-flashy, long-term obedience. He considers The Board to be a group of men and women that can serve Bridgetown elders and church members by ensuring appropriate and suitable fiscal and legal stewardship of this tremendous blessing of God.