Communities are the primary way that we scatter during the week. Meeting in small groups centered around a neighborhood, justice need, or common mission, we pray, eat, and spend time together as we focus on living out Jesus’ teachings.

Each Community has three identities:

  • Family: Communities “do life” together. We share meals, resources, pain, joy, and care for one another as the family of God.
  • Missionary: Communities pursue active ways to publicly live out our faith and share the gospel and tangibly embody the kingdom of God in our communities. This is often centered around a common mission (local foster care, a specific business/organization, etc.) or a general neighborhood area.
  • Disciple: Communities actively encourage each other in the study of Scripture, learning the teachings of Jesus, becoming more like him, and carrying on his mission in the world.


Community Leaders Meetings

Whether you’ve been leading a Community for years or your Community just finished Basics, we ask that all Community Leaders attend these valuable monthly meetings to be equipped and encouraged. This time is intended to help Community Leaders connect with each other, stay informed about necessary Community developments, and acquire practical skills for leading their Communities.