What is a Bridgetown Triad?

A Bridgetown Triad is a group of 3 or 4 people of the same gender who meet together regularly to work through three rhythms: Practices, Prayer, and Spiritual Direction. The goal of Triads is to provide space for spiritual formation in an intimate, smaller setting.

If you have questions about Bridgetown Triads, email Community@Bridgetown.Church

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Weekly Triads

Weekly Triads are composed of people who are not yet in a Bridgetown Community. We encourage Weekly Triads to rotate through the three rhythms of Practice, Prayer, and Spiritual Direction.

Weekly Triad Primer

Practice Prayer Spiritual Direction


Monthly Triads

Monthly Triads are composed of people who are in Bridgetown Communities. Because Communities create space to explore Practices and Prayer, Monthly Triads meet monthly to focus specifically on Confession and Spiritual Direction.

Monthly Triad Primer

Confession & Spiritual Direction