Oregon Wildfire Relief

As wildfires continue to impact our community and surrounding areas, we ask you to come alongside the 40,000 people who are being evacuated and up to 500,000 in evacuation zones. And we invite you to pray. Pray for our state as the fires continue to burn and we work to care for people in need.


Need Shelter?

If you or your family has evacuated and you are seeking shelter immediately, please provide your information and will work to connect you with available resources.

Find Shelter

Emergency Shelter Options

Updated Sept 10, 4 PM: If you need shelter due to the updated evacuations in Clackamas County please go to the Oregon Convention Center. If you have an RV, motor home, or other mobile shelter you plan to use, Clackamas Town Center has made space available. Some church buildings and parking lots in the city are opening up for evacuees. Request information about this by filling out a shelter form.


Have Shelter?

If you or your family has a guest room, house, or property you would be willing to extend to individuals, families, or pets and livestock, please let us know and we will work to connect those in need.

Provide Shelter


Other Ways to Help

There is an option to provide other ways of support on the shelter form for those impacted by the wildfires, and for the first responders who are on the frontlines.

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Important Note: Please doublecheck with any organizations before you provide donations of food, water, or any other items, since needs change quickly. Clackamas Fire’s number is (503)742-2600. Call to inquire about current needs before purchasing or dropping off.

Food & Meals

To volunteer to cook and deliver homemade meals for those impacted by the wildfires contact Stephie Baker or Storyline Community. If you would like to meet a physical need, consider signing up to serve at Tualatin Food Pantry. Their clientele has increased greatly this past week as families have evacuated or lost all of their perishables during extended power failures earlier this week. New volunteer positions are posted often, so check their signup sheet regularly.


Other Resources

There are also a great deal of other resources that may be helpful for you and your family to stay safe and informed. Please read through the list and take advantage of anything that will be of assistance.

General Information

News & Updates


Health Impacts