We believe that prayer changes reality. The starting point for all significant works of God is prayer. It is here that we have an opportunity to interact with the Spirit of God and participate in the work of bringing redemption to our city and healing into our lives. Anyone is welcome to come receive prayer. A designated prayer time is available at every church gathering, following the teaching.


Prayer Team & Registration

The prayer team is a group of people who want to help facilitate change in the lives of the people of Bridgetown Church. Participation on this team requires that you be available a couple times a month to pray with people during the designated prayer time, following the teaching. If you are interested in being a part of the Prayer Team listen to the prayer training and register. We will contact you with next steps and to make introductions.

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Healing Prayer Follow-up

If you’ve experienced physical healing through prayer during one of our gatherings, we want to hear your story! Please fill out this form to share with us what happened.

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Prayer Training

Part 1: Theology
For us to minister in power to one another we need to think correctly about who God is, and who we are. The importance of these things cannot be overstated. We will look at the model for ministry Jesus gave us, and how he related as the Son of God to the good Father, and how that influenced the way he ministered to people. 


Part 2: Ministry Practice
We are going to look at different ways to pray for people. From praying for healing, to dealing with the demonic; we want you to be equipped to see the kingdom advance through your life.


Parts 1 & 2 Slides
Below you will find the slides that are referenced throughout the Prayer Training. You can look through them while listening to both parts of the Training.

Prayer Training Slides



Recommended Reading

We encourage all our prayer team members to continue learning and growing. Read through these recommended readings and discover how God can develop you as leaders.

I Believe In The Holy Spirit
by Michael Green

by Francis Macnutt
Power Healing
by John Wimber