Bridgetown wants to be a church that speaks with an educated voice. We want to be thoughtful and academic, challenging the traditional paradigm of Christian thought. The gospel is powerful and we want to use it accurately to communicate the message of Jesus. Bridgetown offers classes to 
better understand and interpret Scripture. Our hope is that we would continually expand our minds and understanding of the Kingdom of God.



Upcoming Classes

  • God & Money Class

    God & Money is a two week biblically based financial class that teaches what God tells us about managing the blessings he gives us. During this class we will discuss the things of this world that distract and pull us away from God’s plan. The goal of this class is to examine God’s plan and work together to apply this to our everyday lives in a way that affects every aspect of your Christian walk.

    Dates: Feb 23 & Mar 1

    Cost: None

    Time: 2 – 4 PM

    Location: First Baptist Church