Compassion & Justice

Bridgetown Church wants to partner with God to put the world to rights, both locally and globally. 10% of every dollar goes directly to supporting justice work around the world.

We work closely with Hear The Cry, an organization that brings compassion and justice into areas of brokenness around the world through community development in areas of education, gender equality, and micro/macro finance projects. Hear The Cry does this through child and project sponsorships as well as trips for you serve around the world.


Self-Care Backpacks for Survivors of Sex-Trafficking

Sex-trafficking is a complex and nuanced issue that happens throughout the world, including right here in Portland. The average age of entry into this industry is 13 and youth are often trafficked into adulthood. This is frequently due to a lack of resources, safe and supportive networks, and/or other viable options. There are some incredible organizations in Portland coming alongside these youth to provide resources, support, and options. Many of these programs are in need of certain items for the survivors that help to restore dignity and remind them of their worth. The greatest need is self-care backpacks.

These backpacks, while a seemingly small gesture, will make a meaningful impact on individuals who have experienced immense trauma. It’s an act of restoring dignity, honor, and worth.

Assemble a Self-Care Backpack

Gather new items and place them in the purchased backpack. Consider including a handwritten and unsealed note of encouragement with the backpack, after reviewing the note guidelines. Drop the backpack off at Holladay Park on collection day.

Backpack List

Collection Day

Bring your assembled backpacks to the collection day and we will distribute them to organizations around the city that are working with youth in need.

Date: Sat, Jan 26
Time: 10 – 2 PM
Location: Holladay Park Church, 2120 NE Tillamook St., Portland, OR