The House of Learning

House of Learning equips followers of Jesus 
to live life on mission, reach their communities, and to 
better understand and interpret Scripture. Below is a selection of classes that we currently offer.

Bridgetown Class Files 

God & Money

God & Money is a two week biblically based financial class that teaches what God tells us about managing the blessings he gives us. During this class we will discuss the things of this world that distract and pull us away from God’s plan. The goal of this class is to examine God’s plan and work together to apply this to our everyday lives in a way that affects every aspect of your Christian walk.
Dates: Mar 11 & 18
Time: 2 – 4 PM
Location: First Baptist Church, Chapel
Cost: None

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Emotionally Healthy Church

In the church, as a general rule, we often teach people how to read the Scriptures, how to pray, how to repent of sin, have faith, do justice, preach the gospel, etc. But we don’t teach people how to navigate emotional pain. How to feel, and to feel well. Over the course of six weeks, the Emotionally Healthy Church class is designed to provide participants with steps to help reshape themselves from the inside out.
New dates for this class coming soon.


Problem of Evil

The Problem of Evil is a four week class crafted to provide students with a biblical framework for understanding suffering, tragedy, and injustice. Along the way we will examine various theological understandings of the problem of evil as well as how these views have been applied throughout church history. Finally, we will discuss pragmatic ways to understand, process, discuss, and experience the problem of evil in our own lives, and in the lives of those around us.
New dates for this class coming soon.