Receive The Holy Spirit: Recommended Reading

Bridgetown Church just began a new series titled “Receive The Holy Spirit.” For us, this is more than a series, this is the next step forward in our journey as a family. For years we’ve been wanting to see and know more of the Spirit. Now it’s time to dive in head first.

The work of the Holy Spirit comes through presence and power, and we want to experience both.

This series will focus on a comprehensive biblical theology of the Holy Spirit, centered around the “manifestations” of 1 Corinthians, specifically prophecy and healing. Our goal is to discover how to operate in the Spirit and build out a culture of Holy Spirit empowerment at Bridgetown.

The following books have been tremendously influential in shaping the series:

More by Simon Ponsonby
The Gift of Prophecy by Wayne Grudem
Power Healing by John Wimber

Author: Tyler Hanns

Creative & Communications Director