Garden City: Recommended Reading

Bridgetown Church just began a new series titled “Garden City.”

From the first page of the bible forward, human beings were made to rule over the earth, to gather up the raw materials of the planet, and carve out a world. Out of this inherent design, we search for our calling in life and find meaning in the normal, ordinary stuff of life like going to work, writing emails, cleaning the house, raising kids, and doing homework. During this series, we will take a look at Genesis and the story of a man, a woman, and a garden as we ask the ancient question, “What does it mean to be human?”

The following books have been tremendously influential in shaping the series:

Let Your Life Speak 

by Parker Palmer

To Change the World 

by James Davison Hunter

Kingdom Calling 

by Amy L. Sherman


by Greg Mckeown

The Sabbath 

by Abraham Joshua Heschel

Sabbath as Resistance 

by Walter Brueggemann

Keeping the Sabbath Wholly 

by Marva Dawn



Author: Tyler Hanns

Creative & Communications Director