Care for Refugees in Portland

The current refugee crisis has forced millions of people around the world to flee their homes, and the number grows daily. The quota for refugees entering the United States starts over every October, with around 1,300 refugees coming to Portland each year.

Refugee families arrive to the U.S., usually with just a garbage bag of clothes or a couple suitcases. They’re set up in a small apartment, but they lack all of the household items needed to begin their lives again. Restart Kits provide these items that are desperately needed upon arrival.

Restart Kits are a tangible way of showing God’s love to people that have faced devastating circumstances. We want refugees to know that they’re welcome here, and that we’re excited and honored to have them in Portland. This is a perfect opportunity for your Bridgetown Community to work together and contribute to people in need.

There are six different types of Restart Kits: personal care kit, kitchen kit, bathroom kit, cleaning kit, baby kit, and a welcome kit, which include toiletries, dishes and silverware, bath towels, laundry detergent, baby diapers, and other essential items.

Restart Kit Item Lists

Refugee Care Collection Days

We’re collecting Restart Kits and new or gently used winter jackets during the Refugee Care Collection Days. There’s a huge need with hundreds of refugees coming to Portland in the next few months. So the invitation is to look at the Refugee Restart Kit List, and build a Restart Kit or bring a couple winter jackets. Thanks for helping us welcome refugees to Portland!

Collection Day Schedule 

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Author: Tyler Hanns

Creative & Communications Director