The Emotionally Healthy Church: Recommended Reading

In the church, as a general rule, we often teach people how to read the Scriptures, how to pray, how to repent of sin, have faith, do justice, preach the gospel, etc. But we don’t teach people how to navigate emotional pain. How to feel, and to feel well.

So we have all these people that are spiritually mature, but are emotionally (and relationally) immature. People who get up in the morning, read the Bible, pray, fast regularly, give money, do justice, serve, are in leadership, are a pastor at the church, but they are stressed out, over-busy, don’t know how to say no, are confused about the future, tired, unhealthy, grouchy, on edge, critical, etc.

They love Jesus, but they aren’t healthy people. So, the question presents itself, if you’re not emotionally mature, are you mature at all?

Because discipleship to Jesus isn’t just about “spiritual life.” Discipleship is about the Spirit of God in all of life. The active, dynamic presence of the Living God seeping into, healing, and transforming every square inch of your humanness. It’s about becoming more like Jesus.

And Jesus was emotionally mature.

Bridgetown Church has just embarked on a new series designed to reshape our church from the inside out. We want to explore areas that we have never been before in the hopes that we would become more like Jesus. The following books have been tremendously influential in shaping the series:

The Emotionally Healthy ChurchPeter Scazzero

The SabbathAbraham Joshua Heschel

Celebration of Discipline, Richard J. Foster

The Spirit of the Disciplines, Dallas Willard

Author: Tyler Hanns

Creative & Communications Director