Recommended Reading

We live in a city populated with well-educated people who view existence through the lens of secular science and philosophy. In this way, culture tends to value intellectual thought and logic over faith.

The church used to be known as a hub for scholars and academics, learning about God through science and philosophy. However, in recent history, the church has gained a reputation of solo fide, or “faith alone,” in their understanding of the gospel. In response, culture now often dismisses the church as naive or ignorant. While faith is important to our relationship with God, we must also strive to know God with our minds. God wants us to love him not only with our hearts, souls, and strength, but with our minds as well.

Bridgetown wants to be a church that speaks with an educated voice. We want to be thoughtful and academic, challenging the traditional paradigm of Christian thought. The gospel is powerful and we want to use it accurately to communicate the message of Jesus.

We will now be regularly introducing recommended reading for you to follow along with. Our hope is that we would continually expand our minds and understanding of the Kingdom of God. This will allow us to become more effective in our mission to share the gospel in our city.

How Not to be Secular
by James K. A. Smith

The Spirit of the Disciplines
by Dallas Willard

Simply Good News
by NT Wright

Kingdom Conspiracy
by Scot McNight

These books are also available at the Bridgetown Book Store during the weekend gatherings.

Author: Tyler Hanns

Creative & Communications Director