• Refugees in Portland

    Imagine living in constant fear for your life, and for the lives of your family, that your only choice is to run. Portland is beautiful. People take such pride in living here. It is safe. It is… Read More
  • Two Dangers To The Church

    The church is meant to thrive. It should be filled with life and vitality and animation and Spirit. Considering the Corinthian church, they had all sorts of problems and issues, but they were a church where… Read More
  • A Hope for Abused Children

    I had never seen innocent children so terribly abused, neglected, and forgotten. I grew up in a home that followed Jesus. I went to Sunday School and Awanas, and as I began high school I traveled… Read More
  • 8 Principles for Emotional Health

    As a church, we have always been strongly focused on making disciples of Jesus and maturing in spiritual growth. This, of course, is vital to the life of the church. However, we have recently discovered… Read More
  • A Prayer for Southeast Portland

    Jesus, we are so fortunate to live in such an amazing city. Each district has its own unique charm and culture. We pray for Southeast Portland. It is exciting to see this corner of the… Read More
  • 5 Ways to Better Hear from the Spirit

    How does the Holy Spirit lead today? And not just today, but in our everyday. Day in, day out, does he guide us? And does he actually want to communicate with us? If so, how?… Read More
  • Vancouver Church Plant

    When Bridgetown first began the tectonic shift from an inward-focused church to a collection of missional communities outwardly focused on the city of Portland, it was compelled by a relatively simple line of thinking: The end goal… Read More
  • Recommended Reading

    We live in a city populated with well-educated people who view existence through the lens of secular science and philosophy. In this way, culture tends to value intellectual thought and logic over faith. The church used to be known as a… Read More
  • Receive The Holy Spirit: Recommended Reading

    Bridgetown Church just began a new series titled “Receive The Holy Spirit.” For us, this is more than a series, this is the next step forward in our journey as a family. For years we’ve been… Read More
  • Four Questions to Ask Before You Confront Someone

    People say stupid stuff. People are rude. Many of the followers of Jesus I know are a far cry from selfless. You know it, your friends know it, and yet when we see it, it still… Read More
  • Sweatshops, Justice, and the Way of Jesus

    On November 12th, Bridgetown Church hosted the lecture, Sweatshops, Justice, and the Way of Jesus, given by Dr. Gerry Breshears and Josh Porter. The lecture is now available via the Bridgetown podcast. Today is a… Read More
  • The Emotionally Healthy Church: Recommended Reading

    In the church, as a general rule, we often teach people how to read the Scriptures, how to pray, how to repent of sin, have faith, do justice, preach the gospel, etc. But we don’t teach… Read More