A Prayer for Northwest Portland


Thank you for the beautiful neighborhoods of Northwest Portland, also known as the Alphabet District. As long as you know your ABCs you can never get lost.

Thank you for the parks on every other block that remind us of your creative power. From Forest Park to the Japanese Gardens, the beauty of nature is at our doorstep.

Thank you that our neighborhood is growing and becoming an even more fun and vibrant part of the larger city of Portland.

There are many types of people within a wide range of socio-economic status. Yet we all walk the same streets. Our kids go to the same schools. We all stand in the same line at Salt & Straw.

We are connected in so many ways.

So we ask that Northwest Portland be a place to build community and introduce people to Jesus.

It’s easy to look past the overt poverty that is scattered throughout the Alphabet District, but would you open our eyes to see the people around us and to love the way you do.

Help us recognize the people that are suffering.

Jesus, don’t let us be distracted by the pleasures and delights of the Alphabet District, but see through the filter of happiness and to the heart cry of people who need to know you.

Teach us to love the way you loved us; selflessly, deeply, and with no guarantee of return.

We ask that God’s will would be done in Northwest Portland as it is in Heaven.


Author: Tyler Hanns

Creative & Communications Director