The Danger of Fast Fashion

As followers of Jesus, we must acknowledge the injustices of the retail industry. Forced labor is a terrible reality in our materialistic world. We must find ways to fight against a system that takes advantage… Read More
  • Minimalism

    At a time when people in the West are experiencing the best standard of living in history, why is there such a longing for more? In our capitalistic society, media and advertisements are attempting to… Read More
  • Care for Refugees in Portland

    The current refugee crisis has forced millions of people around the world to flee their homes, and the number grows daily. The quota for refugees entering the United States starts over every October, with around 1,300 refugees… Read More
  • Bridgetown Church Announcement

    We are excited to announce an important change to the identity of Bridgetown Church. It has been six years since Bridgetown first gathered, but our story began in 2004 when Solid Rock Church planted in… Read More
  • A Friendship in Nicaragua

    Villa Esperanza is a home in Managua, Nicaragua for at-risk, adolescent girls who have escaped poverty and abuse. Each year, teams from Bridgetown Church, in partnership with Hear the Cry and… Read More
  • Year of Biblical Literacy: Recommended Reading

    Truly knowing your Bible through the practice of reading has become a lost art, and it seems we are becoming illiterate toward the narrative of God. In 2016, participate with us in the “Year of Biblical… Read More
  • 8 Questions to Help Discover Your Vocation

    When it comes to vocation, as a church, we’re all over the map. Some of us know exactly who we are and what we’re called to do. Others of us have no clue. You’re trackless, visionless, lost and… Read More
  • Garden City: Recommended Reading

    Bridgetown Church just began a new series titled “Garden City.” From the first page of the bible forward, human beings were made to rule over the earth, to gather up the raw materials of the planet,… Read More
  • Recommended Reading

    Bridgetown wants to be a church that speaks with an educated voice. We want to be thoughtful and academic, challenging the traditional paradigm of Christian thought. The gospel is powerful and we want to use it accurately to communicate… Read More
  • Heaven and Earth in Nicaragua

    I want to be known as a holy and blameless son; one who loves because he knows he is loved. I want to live within the tension of the now and not yet of the… Read More
  • A Prayer for Northwest Portland

    Jesus, Thank you for the beautiful neighborhoods of Northwest Portland, also known as the Alphabet District. As long as you know your ABCs you can never get lost. Thank you for the parks on every other… Read More

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