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Followers of Jesus are called to become servants. We want to actively demonstrate self-sacrificial love by serving those both in and outside the church. It takes hundreds of volunteers to pull off the many gatherings taking place each week. We are a family, and like a family, we all pitch in.

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Our Staff

  • Photo of John Mark Comer

    John Mark Comer


    Pastor of Vision & Teaching

  • Photo of Gerald Griffin

    Gerald Griffin


    Pastor of Communities & Leadership

  • Photo of Alex Salzwedel

    Alex Salzwedel

    Elder in Training

    Pastor of Operations

  • Photo of Bethany Allen

    Bethany Allen

    Pastor of Women

  • Photo of Alex Rettmann

    Alex Rettmann

    Elder in Training

    Pastor of Youth & Young Adults

  • Photo of Justin Lucia

    Justin Lucia

    Pastor of Kids

  • Photo of Matt Zigenis

    Matt Zigenis

    Director of Worship

  • Photo of Deanna Gilday

    Deanna Gilday

    Administrative Assistant

  • Photo of Dr. Peter Quint

    Dr. Peter Quint

    Pediatric Physician

    Elder, Non-Paid

  • Photo of Jim Traut

    Jim Traut

    Retired Firefighter

    Elder, Non-Paid

Shared Services Staff